Polymer Preparation and Characterization

Our lab is experienced in a variety of polymer preparation, fabrication, and characterization techniques. We have the equipment and resources to assist TAMU and external individuals in a fee-for-service basis.

Frequently Used Polymer Techniques

  • Fully outfitted for polymer synthesis, and coating/hydrogel/scaffold preparation*
  • Spectroscopy (e.g., NMR, FTIR)
  • Chromatography (e.g., GPC)
  • Microscopy (e.g., SEM, confocal)
  • Thermal analysis (e.g., TGA*, DSC*, DMTA*)
  • Surface analysis (e.g., contact angle analysis, ellipsometry, XPS)
  • Mechanical analysis (e.g., quasi static testing*, DMA*)

Department of Biomedical Engineering Shared Labs

Full List of TAMU Core Facilities

Key TAMU Facilities for Polymeric Biomaterial Research

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